Italian Man Wears a Giant Cardboard Disc to Enforce Social Distancing in Rome


Before the safety lockdown on Italy was declared nationwide, a man in Rome cracked up millions of people after he was seen wearing a giant, cardboard disc in public to keep people from coming too close and possibly transmitting the deadly coronavirus infection to him.

Outside of China, Italy is the next country in line with the highest number of confirmed cases, totaling 63,927 with 6077 deaths, according to the latest report from Worldometer

This innovative man went about the Testaccio market in his protective disc with a 1-meter radius to promote social distancing. People were forced to clear the way and walk around him. The elderly man was seen picking up litter with a long object and when asked why he was wearing such a ridiculous item, he said in Italian: ‘For coronavirus!’ The person recording then jokingly said: ‘Wonderful. I can’t cope!’

Since the World Health Organization declared the disease a global pandemic on March 11, people in all corners of the world have been frantic and terrified, a situation worsened by conflicting reports in the media. Although the actual statistics are truly terrifying, it takes more than just a headline to make sense of the numbers, and people are feeling more helpless with each passing day.

The times are scary and people deserve a bit of cheer now and then – or a lot of it. Social media users were left in hysterics as this creative guy boldly walked about in his weird contraption, proud that he’d come with an ingenious idea to encourage people to stay safe.


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