Famous Iranian/Australia imam, Mohammad Tawhidi (Imam of peace) blast Buhari, describe him as the dumbest president


Popular Iranian-born Islamic cleric, Mohammad Tawhidi also known as Imam of Peace has mocked President Buhari.

“Buhari is the dumbest person in Nigeria” says Imam of peace.

The mockery is as a result of president Buhari’s wrong pronunciation of the Covid-19

You will recall the video of president Buhari that goes viral where the president was addressing the nation and pronouncing the Covid-19 virus as Covik-1-9 virus.

That video trended then,and It is not only the cleric who has made mockery of him, he is just one among many people.

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The Australia-based Imam slammed him over the video and also mocked Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan

According to him the PM of Pakistan thinks that Germany and Japan share a border.

He also mocked the Tamim of Qatar, says the Tamim “answers only to mummy”

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