COVID-19: Steven Kefas prays for Governor El-Rufai, asked him questions


Your Excellency Sir,

Once again my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time and I pray you overcome the dreaded Covid-19.

Sir, in your statement announcing your status, you told us that you had earlier in the week given out sample for testing, which means that even though you were asymptomatic, you had suspected otherwise – probably because of some persons you may have had contact with.

In the light of the above, Sir, I would like to ask you a few questions.
Why didn’t you responsibly and immediately isolate yourself as your counterparts in Bauchi and other states did while awaiting the test results?

Why did you go about your normal activities as if nothing was at stake?

Do you know that if truly you are positive for the disease, thousands across the state may have also contracted the virus through you due to its reproduction ratio (RO) that research shows is 2-3?

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Mr Governor, you held series of meetings with your cabinet members, you also went round the city trying to enforce the lockdown during which you had close contact with many: what were you thinking, Sir?

I am afraid but I have to be honest, Sir, you are either not telling us the truth or you were reckless. But if you are telling us the truth, then I must confess that you have exposed all of us in Kaduna to the virus either knowingly or unknowingly and that is grossly unfortunate.

Mr Governor, I think as a matter of urgency, the state government must deploy resources to get as many citizens of the state tested as possible, and with immediate alacrity, to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus. This should be done in a proper order from those who had contact with you to those they had contact with. This test should be immediately before the 14 days upper incubation period is reached.

If this is not done, Sir, then I can assure you that all the commendable steps you have taken before yesterday’s announcement will become useless and counterproductive as the virus will be having a smooth ride in the state.

Once again, get well soon, Mr Governor.

Active Citizen Steven Kefas


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