Why Aldrizz was not in “Wanka” video as fingers were pointed at Dj Cinch.


There was a shot on Dj Cinch for alleged refusal to engage Aldrizz in the video of his hit song, “Wanka” of which Aldrizz was the voice behind the chorus. Others said he was hidden Aldrizz. However, BestXplorer has reached out to Dj Cinch and both Dj Cinch and Aldrizz have come out to debunk the speculations and gave a detailed insight on why Aldrizz was not seen in the video.

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Read Dj Cinch Words to Bestxplorer below…

“Aldrizz didn’t show up for the video shoot due to some reasons beyond his control cos he was out of town.

We postpone the video shoot about 3 times because of him, he’s my artist and that’s why I featured him in the first place”

Read Aldrizz words below….

“wassup fam…..happy new month and first sunday of March….

Yo i figured its really important that i do some clear ups regarding the Recently released “Wanka” video by Dijaycinch…..Alot of people been wondering why i didnt appear in the Video even though i was featured in the song…aiit reason is this, I was out of town that very same period Wanka Video was Shut…i remember Cinch even had to postponed the Shoot like twice or so just to see that i make it through but i still couldnt make it to the shoot due to circumstances beyond me….so eventually the video had to be shut without me and am glad it turned out to be a huge success…i sincerely apologize for disappointing every single person who actually looked out for me in that Video(Wanka) and Bless 🙌🙌 to everyone who showed their concern in regards to my absence in the video …Am really proud to be a part of this project #Wanka…that Jam issa maaad hit no doubt…Kudos 👍 to Seniorman Cincho onetime…. u finish work mehn….#Wanka will go Far than you ever imaging…ahswr…”


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