Activist, Steven Kefas survived ghastly motor accident with no injury.


Kefas whom is well known for his now and then criticism against bad leaders and bad leadership has today shared some photos via the micro blogging site of the ugly incident that occurred to him.

The activist reveals he was involved in a car accident where the SUV car he was in somersaults several times but he was able to come out alive, healthy and without sustaining any injury.

Read his words below

Now I believe I still have work to do on earth.
My first time of experiencing a serious motor accident.

It was like a film trick, people were shouting and praying calling on God, some got seriously injured, they were all removed when the SUV finally stopped after summersaulting, I was the last to be brought out but when I got out everybody was like “were you also in this vehicle?”
My glasses were on, my phones in my pocket, no scratch, no injury.


The grace of God kept me.

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