Download Music: John Real — Wanna Love You

John Real – Wanna Love You

The compelling force behind the song.

“Wanna Love You” Is the depth of love I have for God and how deep I wanna go with Him Above the pleasure The riches, Silver and gold, Cars Fame And even life itself I greatly desire that God should look upon the earth and be proud of me
Just like the scripture says
If thy eyes will cause you to sin is better u plug it out
And also what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his soul
My greatest desire Is that when I will stand before the judgment throne let me hear welcome my good and faithful servant not that I acquire all the riches of the earth and be a cast away
Stay tunned as I look upon the one who inspires me to pen this sound down to do His things.

John Real – #WannaLoveYou

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