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SONG TITLE: Kapenta of Lagos

ARTISTE: Terry Tha Rapman

GENRE: Rap/Hip-hop
RELEASED DATE: 23/12/2019

Kapenta of Lagos is a hardcore rap song by Nigerian veteran rapper, Terry Tha Rapman. The song opens with a short gibberish intro, then a verse from Terry, a short silent interlude and another verse, then finally an outro by Brother Shaggy and Terry Tha Rapman. There’s no hook nor chorus on it.

Terry dropped dope bars after bars on this jam. The legendary rapper made it obvious that he is angry with the way things are going in the African Hip-hop scene, with him not receiving the due recognition he deserves.

The song is a perfect jam that is worthy of winning the “Best Rap Single” or “Lyricist on the Roll” award at The Headies. And I think Nigerian music will be damn if this song doesn’t get nominated at the 2020 The Headies Award.

The work of a Kapenta (Carpenter) is to fix broken things such as chairs, tables and furnitures. But in this case, Terry being a Kapenta is a metaphor which means he is here to fix the Nigerian Hip-hop music, as he claimed it has been desecrated and “it’s time to fumigate it from rats and snakes”.

With the above line, Terry seems to have taken some shots at the two embattling Nigerian rappers, M.I Abaga and Vector Tha Viper. If you can remember, M.I and Vector have been battling through out this year, with M.I calling Vector a Snake, and Vector calling M.I a Rat. Therefore, since Terry stated that he is here to fumigate (kill) the game from rats (M.I) and snakes (Vector), that’s an indirect shot to the two hottest Nigerian rappers.

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Addressing the debate about who is the best rapper in Africa, Terry made it clear that he is not out to join in the competition. He made it clear that he is not the Rap King, but he is the King Maker. As we all know, a king is not a king without his throne, as the throne is the sign of royalty. And the throne of a king can only be made by a Kapenta (Carpenter). As such, since Terry is the Kapenta, the so-called African Rap King or ‘Best Rapper in Africa’ is nothing without him.

Terry also made a reference to his 2018 dispute with popular Nollywood actress, Uche Jumbo, whereby the actress used his popular slang “Boys Are Not Smiling” to produce a movie without paying him royalty nor giving him credit. So Terry rapped “Boys are not smiling, tell Uche Jumbo she owes me a check”.

Generally, Terry gave an impressive impression on this song. From the beat to the production, to the lyrics and the attitude, everything was on point. Therefore, the song is rated 9/10.

If you missed the song get it Here



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