Raphael (Mc Rolex) penned down an emotional love letter to Loveth

As the wedding between Raphael Galleh and Loveth approaches, the celebrity lecturer better known as MC Rolex has written an open emotional and heart touching letter to the future mother of his unborn kids which contains lots of facts about his love for her and a lots of facts she was not aware of…

Read the letter below

Dear Loveth,
I am writing you this letter to appreciate you specially and to point out some salient facts about you that made me fall in Love with you.
When people say “you are lucky to have me”, I often tell them NO, I am the one who’s LUCKY to have you.
*You came into my life when my heart was broken but you took the burden of mending it.
*When I was told my “salary isn’t enough to marry”, you told me “the one who truly loves you will prefer to support/build with you rather than to discourage or despise you”.
*You’ve proved to me that there is more a lady can give than just SEX… I have found PEACE OF MIND with you.
*You took so many risks and also ensured that the relationship worked by calling me from Nigeria everyday with the little profit made from your Petty Pure water and Minerals business ( ~So many don’t even know of this~).
*When I tried to push you away, my Late Mother appeared with you in my dream and handed you over to me then left without saying a word!!! Guess I do not need a prophet for interpretation? ~(Have NEVER told you this either~)
*Aside your Physical Beauty and Intelligence, your Loyalty, Humility, Respect for my Family and Friends and Dedication to the work God, captured my fancy. Indeed, you are the Perfect example of the kind of woman I ALWAYS prayed to God to bless me with for a wife. You are a SPECIAL GIFT from God to Me!!!
My Azimz (Adzimehson), you see, me taking a flight from London to Nigeria in September to Engage you with a Diamond Ring and a Swarovski Crystal Watch and fly back to the United Kingdom, was to show you how much I LOVE YOU and am ready to go EXTRA miles for you. Cos, YOU DESERVE IT.
You have proven to Me that truly, there are Beautiful yet Loyal, Humble, Respectful and Prayerful ladies out there as such, “he who finds her as a wife, shall obtain FAVOUR from the Lord. No wonder when you came into my life, I found PEACE of mind and so many beautiful uncountable things began to happen to me.
Lastly, my vows to you are; I shall Protect you, I will Love you, I shall Support you to grow, I will be Proud of you, I shall be your Friend, Brother and Husband. I am ready to spend My #Eternity with you My Priceless Jewel.
Β _I L O V E Y O U…_

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