AKA, South Africans celebrate as organizers cancel Burna Boy’s concert in the country


Just days before Burna Boy was set to perform in South Africa, organisers have announced that he has been withdrawn and the concerts in Cape Town and Tshwane cancelled.

In a media statement issued today, organisers said that after extensive engagement with Burna Boy’s management team, they had decided to withdraw the Nigerian artist from the concert and cancel the shows.

They said the decision to cancel the shows came after warnings of a shutdown from a group of artists and event organisers under the umbrella of Tshwane Entertainment Collective.

“The decision to cancel the Africans Unite Concert comes after the call from the Tshwane Entertainment Collective to boycott the Africans Unite concert in Tshwane.

With the increasing threats of violence from other unfortunate segments of the public and without any government intervention, Phambili Media and Play Network Africa were prompted to take the threats and warnings seriously, as the safety of all artists and attendees could not be guaranteed.

We then decided to cancel the concert. The safety of all attendees, artists and crew comes first.”

Burna Boy’s inclusion on the line-up was widely criticised after rapper, AKA took to social media to lead a campaign against him.

See AKA’s response and how other South Africans are reacting below….

Hayi no. South Ahhh doesn’t play.

— AKA (@akaworldwide) November 20, 2019


— easymoneysniper (@waronarase) November 20, 2019


— AKA (@akaworldwide) November 20, 2019

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So @akaworldwide went to church last sunday then jiki jiki Burna Boy #AKAsezi the power of prayer 👏 pic.twitter.com/By2HwlFWOW

— Morgan_Baloyi (@Sir_Morgie) November 20, 2019

Our Job as South Africans is done. We Shall now resume to wetting beds while you resume to losing elections!!!#AKAsezi https://t.co/4bRCf7u8uc pic.twitter.com/4RNBcxYlKN

— Male Alpha (@thami_tzz) November 20, 2019

South Africans and creating hashtags #AKAsezi pic.twitter.com/5gMwKfN2OT

— Papa Lesedi (@Vee_Mashinini) November 20, 2019

If you want to be “entertained” by your brother Burna Boy go to Lagos because #AKAsezi pic.twitter.com/SkhKlu8OvF

— His Excellency (@eemz_siphiwo) November 20, 2019

The power of black Twitter yerrr
It shut down the whole concert ??👀#AKAsezi pic.twitter.com/G3DlClVb50

— Forever Mercified 🕊❤❤🛡🏳️‍🌈 (@Zamaswati18) November 20, 2019

Message to Burna Boy…get out, get out, getta of here…asshole #AKAsezi pic.twitter.com/cF6mbWwOUD

— Black Jesus (@BlackJesusOfSA) November 20, 2019

He will remain undefeated
South Africa 🇿🇦2-0 🇳🇬Nigerian
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/xoacYIaLyO

— ZWELY_SIYA🇿🇦 (@Zweli87514961) November 20, 2019


The wound we’ve been breathing through has healed pic.twitter.com/8zI9GwDLHD

— iG :girl.kaybee 🇿🇦 (@girl_kaybee) November 20, 2019

Malema you can organise a dinner with your Bhena nton nton ngoba #AKAsezi 😂 !!! pic.twitter.com/SNS0xT0zpR

— uNtando💯👑 (@uNtando19_rsa) November 20, 2019

Burna was told to just apologize, as they say, pride comes before fall…#AKAsezi pic.twitter.com/PDk4HMTy3z

— Phathu (@dmotloung) November 20, 2019

Day made #AKAsezi burnaboy pic.twitter.com/tLH8lyXoKL

— Follow Help (@Mandlebala) November 20, 2019



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