To Upcoming Artistes: Record Labels Are Not Charity Organizations – Enoch Israel


One mistake most upcoming artistes make is that they are always looking for record labels that will sign them, give them money and make them popular. What they fail to understand is that Music Record Labels are not Charity Organizations; they are not looking for artistes to promote and dash money to, but they are looking for artistes that will fetch them more money because they are music entrepreneurs that invest in music. So they only sign artistes that have already made a name for themselves, because those artistes have the potentials of making it big in the entertainment industry. What Music Record Label owners do is to invest in those artistes by signing them.

As an upcoming artiste, Promotion is vital. Promotion is everything. You can’t succeed without promoting yourself. Talent is good, but promotion is better. Just like popular Nigerian rapper, Falz Tha Badguy said; “Even real talents need promo”. It’s easier for an artiste who is not talented but promotes his song to blow than a very talented artiste who does not promote his song to blow. It’s one thing to record a good song, but it’s another thing to promote it. If you record a good song without promoting it, who would listen to it? Only you, your friends and family. Pay bloggers to promote you. And pay radio and TV presenters to promote you as well.

So as an upcoming artiste, don’t be looking for a label to sign you, but be working hard so as to make a name for yourself. And by so doing, record labels would come looking for you; they will be happy to invest in you because you’re already succeeding. So music executives would be happy to invest in you because they are quite certain and convinced that you will succeed, and they will make profit. And that will be the genesis of your success.

Music is business, business is an investment,  and investing is all about making profit.


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