Legendary Producer, GenesisOfRhymes Wisely Advises artistes — Read This Before Going To The Studio.


One of Nasarawa state super and multiple awards winning music producer, Genesisofrhymes has taken his time to advised the up and coming stars to take their time to rehearse and master their lyrics before going into the studio to record. This is something that all producers should do by educating the acts on the need to master the lyrics or the song of which they want to record and take corrections for a better improvement and good quality output which will ease their stress while in studio section and doing so will again ease the producers from much stress that may lead to poor output.
Genesisofrhymes is not just after the money alone but is caution about his reputation and has passion for  quality delivery and satisfaction for his artistes.

Dear artiste

Let’s work together to make your song a hit. 

*Don’t come and do freestyle in the studio,

*take your time and write your song.

*Rehearse and perfect your lyrics before coming to record,

* don’t rush me give me enough time to mix your song to my satisfaction, 

*don’t hesitate to tell me if you’re not okay with the mix or if you have a part u feel u want to retake in the song, 

*be open to take professional advice from your producer and your colleagues. 

*Don’t hold back any suggestions to your producer that will make your song better 

*And lastly don’t be too proud to accept that you’re wrong when your performance in the song is poor because that’s the only way you can improve. Thanks.

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