Zeb Jatau, have you ever heard of the term Stockholm Syndrome? I strongly believe that is the fever affecting most rational people like you over El-Rufai’s ruse about increment. Let me break it thus – people become grateful for little kindness shown to them by their captors. This gratitude is premised on this same philosophy that you are selling here – the captors could easily kill or mistreat them with no resultant consequences, but no, the captors chose to be kind, thus a thing worthy of gratitude. For me, I don’t blame people suffering from Stockholm Syndrome because it’s easy to catch that fever. But certainly, I blame the captors for taking the people hostage in the first light, thereby subjecting the people to such misplaced gratitude. If the people were not captured, they may have no need of such kindness, for they could cater for themselves.

El-Rufai was rejected by these people, but he criminally forced his way back down the throats of all using the powers the people gave him in 2015. He used the people’s power against the people and strip the people of their power. Now, the people no longer determine their political leaders – El-Rufai does. And come 2023, politicians in Kaduna will have no use for the people. Once you are in El-Rufai’s good books, your political future is guaranteed as El-Rufai will force you down the people’s throats using state forces and resources just like he did with the senators and local government chairmen. Even Danjuma Laah of Southern Kaduna was only allowed to return by El-Rufai. Come 2023, if Danjuma Laah refuses to recognize the power of El-Rufai to make or mar him – it’s his political harakiri. And to show you Danjuma Laah understands that perfectly, he dares not bless what El-Rufai has condemned like in the case of Steven Kefas. Danjuma Laah dares not identify with Steven Kefas. You see, El-Rufai is one very devastating force to democracy. APC did not mobilize their campaign machinery in 2019 like PDP, because they had no need of them anymore. By 2023, even PDP may have no need of the people because power no longer rest with the people as power has been forcefully confiscated from the people using state tools. Those claiming they have roots and bragging that George Makeri have no roots, have been uprooted by the same El-Rufai they so love and so praise.

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PDP may have to plead with APC for a bite in 2023. And if things continue this way, we may end up with a one party state where no matter how terrible APC becomes, we must learn to live with them like that. These APC guys are the most unscrupulous criminals in our history. They will tell you that the PDP rig elections too. Yes, the PDP rig elections, but power was still in the hands of the people and politicians fear the people back then during PDP, but not anymore with APC. I recall how Nenadi Usman was shown the way out by the people. John Danfulani was firing at different PDP governments from all cylinders and getting away with it, because PDP fear the people and the backlash should they take on John. But the moment El-Rufai steps in, he didn’t hesitate to lock John up, because power no longer rest with the people and he had no fear of people’s disapproval. The late senator Isaiah Balat was so conscious of what the people think of him because power was with the people that he had to call Chancellor Vincent Bodam and others to a parley to understand grievances. APC, and of course El-Rufai don’t give a fuck about the people, because they have confiscated the power from the people. And any critic who dares question their impunity, is locked indefinitely. I nearly got killed in October last year. Steven Kefas has been detained since May 8 this year by the same El-Rufai. Sowore, even with a court granting him bail, is still in DSS detention. Do you now see what I mean? The whole country is held hostage by these criminals in power. And I tell you my dear brother Zeb – these criminals in power are zombifying us all. They want us all to become their alleluia boys like aladura. Well, as for me and my sweetheart Keturah Abba Kassai, we won’t worship duplicity in the guise of gratitude.



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