Nigerians Call For Buhari’s Sack, After Lai Mohammed Said This About Missing WAEC


Nigerians have taken to the social media to demand the sack of President Muhammadu Buhari following a trending video of Information minister, Lai Mohammed explaining why the president may have misplaced his certificate.

President Buhari faces tribunal regarding his instability to present proof he finished secondary school -which is the minimum educational requirement for the office of the president.
Atiku Abubakar of the PDP, had petitioned Buhari at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, PEPT, accusing him of lying under the oath he possessed a school cert.
With panel due to deliver judgement in less than two weeks, Lai Mohammed has appealed for the President to be pardoned.
According to Information Minister, the president left secondary school 53 years ago – that he said was such a long way out for him to still keep track of all his documents.
But reacting, Nigerians on social media are far from convinced with this latest excuse and have called for the president’s sack.
See what they have been saying below.
Kemi Adeosun fakes result.
Buharist: Sacks her

Buhari has no result.
Lai Mohammed: Pardon him

Buhari & his herds of clowns are people of double standard.

At this juncture, there would be no wrong saying is in order and that has just bcom

If we are going to forgive @MBuhari for certificate forgery, then we will have to go back in time to call back and apologize to all Nigerians that was punished for perjury and forgery etc… Otherwise, it will be an open call for anarchy

The Chinese are the most honor bound humans on earth, because they can do anything honorable just to preserve their family name.We are Religious but have no dignity. Justice means taking the painful step that calls for honor and respect.
Fraudsters are made to pay for their crimes, we have EFCC to thank for that. If this certificate saga slides, Internet Scam and other Frauds will no longer be crimes and we would support scammers.

A man who does not have a WAEC Cert the least requirement needed to run for the Presidency, yet had the gut to call the Youths “Lazy”. Dear Buharist, So your HARDWORKING Buhari could not improve himself beyond Primary School since 85 when he was rightfully retired?

Lai Mohammed has asked for Buhari to be pardoned bcos he does not know where he kept his Certificate

1. Onnoghen was sacked because he omitted some assets from his Asset declaration form
2. Buhari lied under Oath knowingly to deceive the INEC & Nigerians

It is important that Nigerians come into the consciousness of what we are dealing with here.
The man who is in charge of your common wealth is not just an illiterate, he is a liar and the definition of corruption.
Buhari cannot be trusted with anything.

Nigeria will not Burn
Nigeria will not go to War
Nigeria will be Free
Nigeria will know Justice
Nigeria will know Peace
Nigeria will Unite
Nigeria Will Work Again!

Lai Mohammed has exposed @MBuhari
& @APCNigeria on National Television.

No NIGERIAN citizen to be offered employment without producing their certificates so why pardon @MBuhari for not producing his own certificates as stipulated by the law as the minimum criteria.

What’s your take on this? Drop your comments below
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