How I Was Deprived Of Two Jobs In Lagos Because I Was ‘Overqualified’ – AYL President, Enoch Israel Reveals

Rapper, King Sniffy reveals in details how he was been deprived of 2 jobs in Lagos, Nigeria simply because he was over qualified. 
Read his story below 

Wednesday, 11th September will mark exactly one year I came to Lagos. I came to Lagos on 11th September, 2018. The journey has been rough, stressful and challenging. But above all, it’s worth it.
When I first arrived in Lagos, I was very excited. But after my first 5 hours of being in Lagos, I started feeling bad and wishing to go back. Lagos is a crazy place; the traffic, crowd, corporate beggars, agboros and all. You have to be up and doing at all times. If you can make it in here, you can make it anywhere.
Two weeks after I came to Lagos, I was invited for an interview by an Indian company. When I got there, I presented my CV and credentials to the interviewers (Indians). They went through it and asked me questions which I answered. They asked me to write an essay, which I did and gave them. The three Indians were amazed and told me they can’t give me the job because I was overqualified for it. I was shocked. That was the first time I heard the word “Overqualified” for a job. I told them that I don’t mind accepting it like that. They looked at each other and they all agreed that I should be taken to meet the Director himself.
The Director was an old Yoruba man, who looks like Tinubu. Lol. I entered his well-furnished office. They explained to him the situation on ground and he collected my CV and then asked me some few questions. After I answered, he smiled and said to me “My son, you are too big for all the available positions we have. If I employ you here, even God would not be happy with me because I would be depriving you of a brighter future.”
I smiled and said “thank you sir”, then left. I was quite sad and dejected. When I was leaving I heard the old Yoruba man telling the Indian that this boy is very brilliant.
A week later, I was invited for another interview at Victoria Island. I went there, and submitted my CV and we did the interview. After the interview, the interviewer told me bluntly that the company can’t afford to pay me. I was amused because it’s a big company, so I asked him why and he said because my level of education and exposure is too high. I told him I’m ready to accept what’s on the table but he said the company needs someone with less qualifications and exposure than me. That was the first time it dawned on me that being highly educated has it’s own disadvantages. Lol.
I told my uncle and he advised I reduce some of the qualifications on my CV. He also said I should not be giving them full answers when I go for interviews. Lol.
Notwithstanding, after a couple of months, I got a good job somewhere else. Barely a month after I started working, I received another interview invite at a Magazine house and after the interview, the Manager told me I got the job and I should go back the next day for my appointment letter. I asked how much is the salary and after he mentioned it, I told him it’s too small for me. He said I should come back the next day and he will increase it in the appointment letter. I went back the next day and after giving me the letter, I went through the salary and saw that he had increased it but I still told him “I really appreciate the offer, sir, but I’m sorry I can’t accept it. I’m worth more than this.”.And that was a salary that would pay 3 or more staff somewhere else. The man was surprised. He asked me where I came from and when I told him from the North, he couldn’t hide the amusement and surprise on his face. What surprised him most was the fact that I also schooled in the North. Contrary to popular belief, the Northerners are uneducated. Lol. So he was shocked..When I left the office, I was surprised at myself…I was deprived of two jobs some months back because I was overqualified, and today I’m declining a job because it’s too small for me..One thing I learned from this is that Life is a puzzle; you just need to find the missing parts and fix them. Also, every disappointment is a blessing in disguised. Irony of life.




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