Cueray TV CEO, CharlZee Eze is the creative and brilliant man behind the comedy videos you watched carrying the Cueray TV logo on them, he has also shot amazing videos for some top Nasarawa state artistes such as LY, Mic Man and a host of others. Did I also mentioned that he is a film writer? Oh yes he is!. He has worked with so many Nollywood stars. Grap a copy of the movie “Cornelius” a Nollywood movie proudly written by Charlzee Eze.

Below is the list of his top 10 best artistes in Nasarawa state, remember this is just a self made list.

The first thing you read about good music on google is “Good music is sociable. It connects us to others and allows us to share common emotions. Good music is addicting. … In order for a piece of music to be considered truly good by the general population it has to make them feel some emotion, inspire them, provoke some thought, create some human connection” with this below are my top 10 for the year 2019 base on consistency, lyrics, and style + video.

10 Allen Jackxon
9. Elbo
8. LY
7. Danitto
6. Suspi
5. Mac Fabulawz
4. Jprinz
3. Ace Alaba
2. Ozee
1. Sheks

Judge it yourself, this year has been wavy for this 10 artist, they have released good music, with good lyrics, trendy and some of them have videos.
some will be surprise to see Mac Fabulous in the list, but hey, the dude has done far better than many artist. his recent song with Ozee is still trending.

Should i talk about ozee who despite all his tight schedule still give us good tune. Mic man Pius who recently won an online poll to feature vamp K from Kenya is promising.

LY too has been massively got himself in the Nasarawa Entertainment Chart with his songs “Iyawo, Light ft tyana, No be mistake that were released with visuals”
Sheks has actually done well with his visual having the highest views among 2019 released videos on YouTube (Check it out)
Allen Jackxon, Suspi has been amazing even though Suspi did another come back hit today…..go check it out.
everyone on this list has been amazing this year.

this doesn’t mean anyone who didn’t make it to this list are not good as its only my opinion. thanks and God bless you.

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