Today we’re looking at some certain individuals whom on their field of profession have been making people laugh or smile whether at an event or in the midst of people. These are set of people or individuals that when they are on stage; people with sorrows tend to forget that they’ve any. Bestxplorer Blog appreciates you for your effort and talents in making us laugh. Creativity and comic talents dwell in you!!!
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MC Nappy: MC Nappy has proven himself beyond measures that he’s one of a kind stand up comedian that Nasarawa State has. His creativity on stage is rare and outstanding. You can call him the stage master. If you don’t want your belly to burst because of excess laughter then don’t attend his showz πŸ˜‚ *wink*

MC Kure: When you talk about comic talent and uniqueness then MC Kure is one of the lead stars. He’s an award winner of 2018 NUAN award as the BEST COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR. He’s a comic genius that entertain his audience beyond expectations.

MC Ben: One of the Best MC and a comedian that Nasarawa State has produced, he’s a rare seed and a genius. He has been into comedy way back during his NCE at the college. Because of his performances and uniqueness MC Ben has gotten himself an appointment with Akwanga Local Government as the special assistant on media. It may also interest you to know that he is an on air personality (OAP). Don’t compare his physical height with the height of his talents. πŸ˜‚
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Mc Emperor: This is another bank of talent who is currently paving his way into limelight because of his mind blowing comic talent. MC Emperor is a one comedian that will stop at nothing to make his audience laugh out loud.

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MC Dan Gwari: Talking about creativity, MC Dan Gwari is not left behind. An exceptional stand up comedian that you won’t ever regret being around him or attending an event in which he’s the master of the ceremony.
He has made countless number of people laughed and never never dissapoint.



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