ECWA Trustees, ECWA Executives, Director Christian Education Department, Heads of Unit, DCC Executives, LCC Executives, All ECWA Ministers, Sister Fellowships, Agency Leaders at All Levels, EYF Past Leaders, Our Dear Parents/Guardians and Courageous Youth Members All Around The World:

On behalf of the EYF Int’l executives, I greet you all in the marvelous, awesome and the most prestigious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, believing that you are doing really good.
Our week of prayers is here again this year. We believe you are blessed. To God be all the glory, amen.
ECWA Theme for 2019
 “Behold, I am doing a new thing…” (Isa 43:19)
God performed breath-taking wonders in the past. He parted the Red Sea, provided manna, brought down the walls of Jericho, and fed the multitude of 4000 and 5000 with only few fish and loaves of bread. He intervened and miraculously supplied net-cracking multitude of fish to Peter and John – he saved the whole nation of Israel through Esther. What is it that our God cannot do? God has promised to do a new thing in your life, are you ready to receive it?

EYF Activities
We commend and salute the collective effort and commitment of all our leaders at the DYCs, LYCs and LYBs who ensured that youth programs i.e. conferences, sports, Bible studies and quizzes, visitations, ministration in songs etc were observed. We pray for our LYBs that are in the rural areas for God to strengthen them and bless their efforts. The good Lord will definitely do a new thing in your lives in Jesus name!
We covet your prayers for the forthcoming election into the post of the EYF Int’l Asst. Secretary during the next council meeting in August.

2020 EYF Int’l Conference
We have about ten months to the next EYF conference in Enugu. The CWC and LOC are working tirelessly, planning for the conference. They are working on a peculiar blueprint to give the next EYF conference and subsequent ones an international outlook. Let us commit them in our prayers. Our dear Pastors and parents, we implore you to encourage and support our youths to attend this peculiar conference.

For some administrative and logistic reasons, we have had to postpone the Edo-Delta outreach to hold next year after our conference. The date will be communicated to you in due time.
You will recall, I mentioned in my last year’s Youth Week speech that the EYF Int’l leaders could not attend the inauguration of the Malawi DCC due to insufficient funds. This year another mission trip is slated for Kenya. We are praying and planning to be able to go, with your support, by God’s grace.

EYF Int’l Calendar and Uniforms
This year, we were unable to print calendar. Similarly, production of uniform has been slowed down due to financial constraint. However, we are making effort to overcome these challenges once and for all. DYC Financial Secretaries that are yet to send their pictures still have time to forward them to the EYF Secretary for the 2020 calendar.

Budget and Payment of Dues
We appeal to our DYCs that have outstanding budgets over the years to make effort to settle their debts. Every member is encouraged to support the Fellowship by regularly paying their dues and giving offering with a cheerful heart. Your little contribution is very important in helping move the Fellowship forward.

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In addition to the one hundred Naira support for EMS, we further wish to make a passionate appeal that for our Fellowship to bring to an end the epileptic production of uniforms, compliment EMS support and Missions, and also carry out other oversight administrative concerns, we solicit that every LYB supports the EYF International with the sum of two thousand Naira (N2000.00k) only for this year. The payment should be made to this account: First Bank. Account Name: ECWA Youth Fellowship. Account Number: 2003347465. The Teller should be given to the DYC Leaders through the LYC Leaders for onward submission to the International Excos. God will provide in Jesus name, Amen.

ECWA Constitution and Bye – Laws 
We the youths wish to congratulate the EE, CE Dept. and all ECWA delegates for adopting the new ECWA Constitution and Its Bye-Laws at the 68th ECWA General Church Council. We advise all leaders to obtain their copies. Similarly, we urge you to patronize the Yearly Bible Study for ECWA Youth and Studies in the Book of Isaiah for our spiritual growth.
At this juncture, I do acknowledge the synergy we enjoy with the Boys’/ Girls’ Brigades, ESM, Sports Ministry, ECWA Camp Youth Camp Alive etc. under the Youth Ministries Unit. May this interlocking relationship continue to grow and expand until the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.
We appreciate you all for uniting your faith together as we celebrate the birthday of our sis. Leah Sharibu on the 14th May 2019 while in captivity. Kudos to the songwriter and singer, Dr. Panam Percy Paul. We believe God is there with her and he will deliver her from her captors. We want to thank God for using one of our brothers, Mr. Godfrey Alphonsus from Taraba to compose the ECWA Anthem. May God bless him and reveal to others their hidden talents for service in the Lord’s vineyard.

Politics is not a dirty game as some people imagine. It, simply, refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance and organized control over a human community, particular a state. I am happy to announce to you that two members of the EYF Int’l leaders are serving Councilors in their various Wards. Let us continue to uphold them in our prayers.

With a deep sense of loss, I sympathize with the families of the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade members who were crushed during this year’s Easter procession in Gombe and all our brothers and sisters who went to be with the Lord after last year’s week of prayer. Let us pray for peace in our country especially places like Kaduna, Benue, Taraba, Bauchi etc. Before I conclude this address, I will like to extend our collective appreciation as youths to all our pastors who ministered during this year’s Week of Prayer and all that supported the youths in any way towards making the week a success. God bless you all.

I congratulate you for witnessing the beginning and the culmination of 2019 EYF Int’l week of prayer. Once again, I thank you all for listening and I pray that our collective faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will keep us together.
Your Brother,

Isaiah Isah
EYF International Leader


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