Tinubu To Buhari: You Know It, I Know It, There’s Infrastructural Problem In Nigeria

Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to improve the state of infrastructure in Nigeria.
Tinubu said this while briefing journalists of his meeting with the President at the State House in Abuja on Tuesday.
Tinubu said without the development of infrastructure, there cannot be an increase in the economic situation of the country.
“We have various scale of thinking that the economic council would have to think about.
“The infrastructural deficit in question economy in such a huge population of Nigeria and security. Those are the things you put emphasis upon.
“You know it, I know it, there is infrastructural deficit across the country, and then without infrastructure, you cannot galvanize the economy.
“You have the question of electricity, that is critical to industrialization and economic growth,” he said.
The former governor of Lagos also said the Nigeria Police Force needs to recruit more personnel to enable it to combat insecurity in the country effectively.
He stated that while this would combat insurgency in some parts of the country, it would also help in creating employment opportunity in the country.
“Stem any speech of hate and intolerance across the nation and look at the problem of security holistically and from the grassroots level including the fact that there is a shortage of police personnel and the need to look at recruitment and be able to effect information.
“You create employment for the people and strengthen the security,” Tinubu said.
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