R.Kelly Facing Serious Financial Challenges Leaving Him With Only $625 In His Account

R.Kelly is facing some serious financial predicaments currently.
The singer is already in so many serious troubles as he’s been battling the allegations of sexual abuse of minors, child support case and a lot more. What currently seems to be the biggest of troubles for the singer now is the fact that he is almost about going bankrupt.
It has been reported that the some of 150k dollars was seized from one of his banks to settled the rent of his Chicago studio which has left the account in $13 negative.
R.Kelly did have two other accounts with Bank Of America, one which held $44,595.58 as well as another that held $110,056.64. However, the majority of the $154,527.22 he had remaining in his bank accounts were seized as well, leaving him with $625.
With the current mess the singer has found himself in, it will be essential for money to be spent in order to try and get vicotry. But since there seems not to be money to spend R.Kelly might be in some serious trouble.
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