7 awesome takeaways from final episode of Big Brother Naija Reunion show


The explosive final episode, which brought the 14-day long episode to an end, lasted two hours and thirty minutes.

The Big Brother Naija Reunion show kicked off on Monday, March 18, 2019, with different revelations from many of the ex-housemates.
The BBNaija Reunion show had all your favourites, aside Miracle, and the BBNaija’s third winner.
19 of the ex-housemates of the Big Brother Naija season three dubbed β€˜Double Wahala’ had hearty discussions with Ebuka for a period of 14 days that ended on March 31, 2019.
1. Big Brother resurfaces for a few minutes
And Biggie resumed his duties at the final episode of the Big Brother Naija Reloaded show. Biggie’s voice disrupted Ebuka’s speech and caught ex-housemates unaware, surprised and happy to hear Biggie speak to them. Biggie highlighted the exploits and successes of the ex-housemates which left Alex almost tearing up.
2. The Feud
The final episode had Ebuka helping the ex-housemates realise the need to end their rifts and feuds. From Alex and Vandora, Khloe and Leo to Cee-C and Tobi, Ebuka implored the ex-housemates to shun the feud and move on with life.
3. The Polygraph Test
The polygraph test was one of the highlights of the final episode of the Big Brother Naija Reunion show. The polygraph test had some of the housemates failing while others passed the test. Ebuka took his time to tell the ex-housemates that the test was 99.9% correct.
4. 3 ex-housemates failed to take the Polygraph test
19 ex-housemates converged for the Big Brother Naija Reunion show but only 17 went through the polygraph test initiated by the show’s organiser to clear some grey areas and issues. Cee-C and Nina did not take the test and they gave different reasons for not taking the test. Miracle, who is currently not in the country, is the third ex-housemate that didn’t take the test. 
5. Big Brother Ebuka

Ebuka assumed the position of Big Brother before Biggie’s voice disrupted the conversation. Ebuka ended the Big Brother Naija Reunion show conversations by advising Tobi and Cee-C to reunite and become friends rather holding grudges. The host of the show also chided Vandora and Alex for holding grudges against one another over unconfirmed assumptions and failure to communicate in ironing out grey areas. Ebuka also advised Khloe to mend fences with the ex-housemate that has wronged her so badly that she claims to hate.
6. The divine union
While many of the relationships in the Big Brother Naija Double Wahala house didn’t work out, Bam Bam and Teddy A’s union seem to be divine. While their responses to their polygraph tests came out positive, the pair took time to share with Ebuka how they feel deeply and strongly about each other.  
7. 5 ex-housemates give their opinion on Miracle's win
5 ex-housemates gave their opinion on Miracle’s victory at the Big Brother Naija Double Wahala. Cee-c, Leo, K Brule, Khloe and Princess gave their opinions on Miracle’s win. The Big Brother Naija Reunion show ended with a toast from Biggie himself and anchored by Ebuka. The ex-housemates toasted to a new beginning and more achievements.


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