Religion will not be an issue in my government — El-Rufai

Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir El-Rufai has thanked the people of Kaduna State for reelecting him.
He called on the people to end the manipulation of religion for personal gains saying religion should be a private matter and identities should not become barriers to a common humanity.
The governor in an acceptance speech over his reelection said his government is committed to uniting the state around common values, anchored on equal citizenship, law and order, and protection of constitutional rights.
“We are not the only diverse place on Earth. Let constructive endeavours replace the bickering and suspicion. Let us all see and value each other as human beings descended from Adam and Eve,” he said.
The governor said though he ran for election as APC candidate, he is back to leading the entire state.
He said there is so much to do to make Kaduna State a better place, to tackle poverty, to improve health among others.
” Our duty is to work diligently for our people. We shall not disappoint you. You have invested your hope in us. We shall not deliver despair. It is a new day in our state. Let us work together to make it the start of a better future,”he said.
The governor said Kaduna State has made history by electing a woman as Deputy Governor and the first to be elected in the far north of Nigeria.
“You have defied those who do not wish to allow our women to use their talents in all spheres. You have taken a bold step forward to create a much-needed role model for every girl-child in Kaduna State and Northern Nigeria. I assure you that Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe and I will work resolutely for the progress of our dear state,” he stated.
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