The organizers of Kaduna Entertainment Awards (KEAAWARDS) / Most Beautiful Girl In Southern Kaduna (MBGSK) pageantry event has distance themselves from the news going on around as the result of misinterpretation by some individual’s painting the organizers black as being part of Dunio Mabushi crew that were recently arrested in connection to some ill accusations.
The organisers wishes the general public to disregard every news about them as being part of the whole thing. Read their press release below…
On the other hand BESTXPLORER.COM also wishes to clarify to the general public about the report carrying the news of the arrest of Dunio Mabushi.
The report carries Dunio as a standalone individual or single entity as you may put it, that is; ONE of the organizers of the above mentioned events and NOT the organizers as a team, BESTXPLORER does not mean the organizers are part of the crew that were arrested neither do they have any connection to the allegations. The mentioned of the events names was just to give an insight of what he does as an entertainer.
The crew he was arrested with are however a different set of allies and not the organizers of the events. We, at BESTXPLORER urges everyone to disregard and debunk any misinformation and misinterpretation this might have caused by some individuals.
Lastly, the ambiguous reports by the public as the cause of his arrest is still unconfirmed and unclarified by BESTXPLORER.
We shall bring in details report on why he was arrested when we lay our hands on some vital information.
Thank you! for your understanding.

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