KEA AWARDS Chief Organiser, Kelvin E.A Adams to be sue to court by Hon./Engr. Seth Bakut – Read Why


Mr. Kelvin Ebony Ayok-Adams popular refer to as KEA ADAMS, The chief organiser of (KEAAWARDS), the prestigious award of Kaduna state is to be sue to court by honourable and enginneer Seth Bakut over a Facebook comments.

Read Kea Adams statement below…

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
It has become empirical at this time to address the general public about my person.
Rumors have been circulating on the cyber space and calls have been coming through my phone that I, Kelvin Ebony Ayok-Adams(Kea Adams) have been incarcerated at the Kaduna State CID. Some even claimed I am in prison. Let me at this juncture clear the air.

On the 27th of September, I was invited by the police for questioning about a case that was reported by a certain Engr. Seth Bakut. The case that started on Facebook between me and one Facebook user called Henrietta where she made a post and tagged me. We engaged in exchange of words and some of my reply in her comment box did not go down well with the Engr and he lodged a case against me which I had to visit the CID for questioning on their invitation. I was at the police head quarters detained for questioning till about 8:30pm after which I left and headed straight to watch the Chelsea vs Liverpool EFL game and letter got home between the hours of 9:30-10pm.

I slept for a few hours or so and started working on projects that needed to be sent to Abuja by 6am. It was a busy night for me. Around 4am to 6am, I started getting calls that there a lady who made a post that I was been locked up in jail and her aim has been achieved.

I then logged into Facebook, only to see Henrietta bragging that I was locked up and that the post coming from my Facebook page is being managed by my brother who is handling my phone so that people would not know that I was locked up. Calls kept coming in through the day. This came to me as a shock too that some major Facebook groups had me trending with one (Gurara Forum) celebrating my incarceration.

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I want the general public to know that I Kelvin Ebony Ayok-Adams Is NOT in prison or has at anytime slept in the jail cell. The complainant requested 3 conditions for withdrawing the case which I declined and we both have agreed to finish the case in the court of law. To my family, friends and teaming fans, please kindly disregard such fake news because they are coming from mischief makers. We will keep you informed as events unfold. However in a country where freedom of information is key, it will interest the general public to know that the rumor going on about my person is alarming and I made a few attempts to tell people on Facebook that I am not where they were told I am but the Engr.munched my defense and sent it to the police in order to stop me from telling the people that I am not in cell or in prison.

It’s obvious that the lady desperately wants me in prison for reasons unknown to me and she is using the complainant to ensure she achieves her aim (as she claimed).
I can remember vividly about a video that trended for a while and still on YouTube where Engr. Seth Bakut made damning allegations and tried to defame a current Governor in the North West but was never called for questioning by the authorities so why is he going all the way to ensure I am locked up? It leaves me reasoning beyond doubt that he is being used by someone for vandetta. Also, note that I have never met or known this Engr. who also hails from the same Local government with me before now.

I appreciate you all for your time and attention. To those who called me for clarification, I deeply appreciate and we will do everything possible to keep you up to date.
Thank you and God bless you.
Kelvin Ebony Ayok-Adams (Kea Adams)


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