Suspected Fulani Gunmen attacked Nimdem, a village in Southern Kaduna. >> Read


According to a report by corporal Hassan, a mobile police personnel, he told Bestxplorer this morning that the unfortunate incident occurred last night in Nimdem a village located at around Godogodo, Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Corporal Hassan told Bestxplorer reporter, saying that the youths of the said village were on Christmas Carol, dancing and celebrating when the gunmen suddenly attacked and fired several shots on the villagesrs, killing 4 and leaving many injured.
The picture above shows the 4 youths that were murdered in cold blood by the gunmen.

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It’s like a tradition for many villages in Nigeria to organised and have a Christmas Carol of such a week before Christmas or some days before Christmas.

But it was rather so unfortunate that most villages in Southern Kaduna were and are unable to enjoy peace during Christmas season like this for 2 years now.

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The youths are calling on the Government both state and federal to quickly deploy securities to the affected areas and do all they could to restore normalcy.

More report later…


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