[MUSIC REVIEW] BESTXPLORER Reviews Boriss Gee’s New Song, >>> “Aunty Kande”


Song Title: Aunty Kande
Artiste: Boriss Gee
Genre: Alternative/Afrobeats
Song Duration: 4:01
Producers: Smart Khiddy & Ydee
Year: 2017
Song Reviewer: King Sniffy

Aunty Kande” is a feel-good song by Abuja-based upcoming artiste, Boriss Gee. It has only two verses and a chorus/hook that was done repeatedly. The song starts with a short intro that contains the two producers’ sign tones, as well as Boriss Gee calling out his name the way he always does; “Boriss Gee baby!”
The chorus follows next. In the chorus, Boriss Gee talks about a girl he loves whose name is “Aunty Kande”. The whole song is in English, except a single line in the chorus where he uses Hausa to describe how much he loves her; “Aunty Kande, kin san ina son ki sosai”.
In the first verse, the artiste appreciates the girl’s love for him. He narrates how she has been there for him when he had nothing. And now that he makes it, he promises to take her to London since she loves him like Popcorn.
The second verse is more or less the same with the first verse, as the artiste discusses the same thing he did on the previous verse. And then the chorus was done repeatedly till the song ends.
The song is amazing. It has a nice rhythm and tempo that is similar to Boriss Gee’s previous song “Ambitious Girl”. The artiste crafted his own pattern and style of music, and that gives the song a unique sound and rhythm. As for the production, the producers did a very good job on it. The production has high quality (both the instrumental and the vocal). Smart Khiddy did a nice work on the beat and Ydee did an amazing work on the mixing/mastering.

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The only flaw or fault with the song is too much repetition, as the artiste discussed the same thing on both the first and second verses. Notwithstanding,  the song is amazing and I encourage Boriss Gee’s fans and the general public to download it because they will really enjoy it.

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