Neyu Godwon Nyan, simply known as Godwon, is a full-blown Kaduna boy Bajju by tribe, born and raised in Zaria, Kaduna State – till he was 9, when his family moved to Houston, Texas. Music to Godwon is a passion. His music career took a turn in a positive direction when he won the Eminem Freestyle Battle in Houston, Texas. The competition was a big television show recorded for a major network and was shown across the United States. After he won that competition, a lot of doors open for him; he got signed by an independent music label in the U.S called “To The Top Entertainment” and his career suddenly blossomed. There after, he started doing freestyle and intros for some notable radio DJs and also got called up to write songs for different artistes including those on Jay Z’s label. So far, he has released three albums and has some mixtapes in the U.S and he is a member of BET Hip-Hop Awards Voting Alumni. Some of his songs and features include; “Too Much Money” ft Saucekid & Ikechukwu, “Omo Ele” ft Banky W, “Watchu Talk About” ft Iceberg Slim & Riko, “Moi Moi” ft DJ Jimmy Jatt and “Forgive Them Remix” by Morell ft Ice Prince, Vector & Godwon, among others.
This is DEEP SECRETS (Episode 2), where King Sniffy interviews Godwon.
DEEP SECRETS (Episode 2):

King Sniffy: Welcome sir. We are honoured to have you on Deep Secrets. Godwon is not a new name in the industry, it’s a name that all hardcore rappers and real hip-hop heads are familiar with. So tell us, when did you start music?
Godwon: That’s a hard question to answer….. I started rapping about 9 years old, started recording professionally at 16, signed with a label at 19.
King Sniffy: Your best/greatest achievement?
Godwon: Going to the studio with Scarface and him calling me to be in his video with my crew…
King Sniffy: Most embarrassing moment of your life
Godwon: I remember I was in 8th grade and a bit of a cool guy… I was in the gym thought I had to fart and I shitted my jeans… (laughs) I left school immediately and it’s the first time I am telling the story but my best friend Berry will remember the day.. (laughs)
King Sniffy: Your favourite food
Godwon: I like things with chicken but if I wanna be real I like meat. Cook food with meat and I will love it.
King Sniffy: If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?
Godwon: I would wish I had better guidance and encouragement as a child. Never really had a positive influence besides my mother and father and they were never around because of work.. my brothers and sister as well were in school so I was pretty much left to my own devices.
King Sniffy: Your celebrity crush
Godwon: Hmmmm damn I don’t even crush like that but I’d like to take out Victoria Kimani.
King Sniffy: What’s your best Nigerian song?
Godwon: Damn that’s another hard one, (laughs) what kinda questions are these man? Ok I like everything Tekno makes
King Sniffy: Who is your role model?
Godwon: My dad is my role model.. man was so great so fast… would love to be like him.
King Sniffy: One artiste you wanna collaborate with
Godwon: I would like to work with Bob Marley… that dude look like he real cool and we would smoke weed and eat curry chicken and rice (Laughs)
King Sniffy: What was your ambition as a kid?
Godwon: I wanted to be famous.. but I regret that ambition because it doesn’t fit my character, truth is I like to be alone and not bothered. I’m only normal around select few.
King Sniffy: You started your career in Texas, U.S.A. And coming back to Nigeria now, your pattern and accent is different from other rappers. So how do you cope?
Godwon: I don’t cope, I do me.
King Sniffy: Advice to upcoming artistes
Godwon: Stay in school.
King Sniffy: Thanks for your time.
Godwon: Bless.
And that’s the end of DEEP SECRETS (Episode 2). I’m sure you’re entertained. We shall be having a different celebrity on Episode 3, so make it a date with us.
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