Shampoo is disastrous, Ladies read why you should stop using shampoo. Watch Video


I quit utilizing shampoo several months ago, this is what happened.

How it all began
I consulted a friend who is a dermatologist who advised against shampoo and majorly when she stopped using it this is what she experienced.
  • Her hair and skin became soft, moisturized and milder than before.
  • Her hair became less oily than earlier on (she had not used shampoo for a period of six months).
  • Bad odors from private parts disappeared for good.
  • It made it even simpler to travel since she stopped worrying about them binning it at the airport.
The fundamental thought is that your hair has a characteristic sleekness to it. In any case, you continue impacting the normal oil away with shampoo, so your body compensates by delivering more oil in your scalp to coat the hair, which makes you utilize more shampoo, which makes the body create considerably more oil.
When you quit utilizing shampoo products, it obviously takes your body around two weeks to notice it and re-set up regular solid oil generation. After that, you’re fine.
People sweat naturally and it is appropriate to use natural water to wash off the perspiration. You may require using soap if and only if you may have taken part in a vigorous sporting activity and may have fallen in pool of muddy water or something to that extent.
My Experiment
It is worth noting throughout the experiment I kept washing my hands with soap and water.
It is worth noting also that after a week or two I started using soap on my armpits this is because when I washed with water only the smell developed more and more.
However, I showered daily with plain water (No soap no shampoo) and this is what I discovered:
  • As anticipated during the first two weeks my hair became very greasy.
  • Later on the grease got mild as it cleared.
  • My skin felt soft, moisturized and clean. I haven’t used soap and shampoo since I began the experiment and I haven’t had any more reason to use them.
  • Showering feels more comfortable and helps save more water and at the same time still maintain proper hygiene standards.
  • Dandruff problems that I had been experiencing earlier are now gone.There was a time I was with my girlfriend and I told her that I stopped using shampoo and she couldn’t believe it, she was so surprised nothing was amiss.This entire experiment is a very good example of why it is very important to push our limits by testing assumptions. Most people grew up doing things in a prescribed way which in this case washing and showering using shampoo and believing that it’s supposed to be done exactly that way without questioning why the routine needs to be inherited.
    Why do we apply all these weird chemicals to keep our hair clean? During the historical days didn’t people get along well without the shampoo? What happened and now all of a sudden we started spending money on shampoo products? What would it be like when we cease using shampoo?
Drawbacks Of Using Shampoo Products:
  • Chemicals used in manufacturing some shampoo products may be harmful to the eyes, skin and could be carcinogenic.
  • High possibility that the product may result in discomfort in scalp and also possible hair loss.
  • Likelihood of decreased hair growth.
  • Continuous exposure to some of the chemical content could cause headache, eye-sore, nose and throat irritations.


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