West African Examination council (WAEC) Confirms That Senator Andy Uba Forged His Result || Sahara Reporters

Sahara Reporters has obtained a document issued by WAEC declaring that Senator Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba, better known as Andy Uba, forged both a secondary school certificate and “Confirmation of Result” which he presented to British authorities.
In a letter dated February 12, 2014 and addressed to the attention of George Smith of Public Agencies, located at 57 Peel Road, Wembley Middlesex, HA9 7LY in the U.K, WAEC stated, “Letter reference no. L/CR/CONF/05465089 dated 21st November, 2013 is fake.”
Uba’s real results, as certified by WAEC in its letter to Mr. Smith, showed that he scored “credit” in only one subject, Chemistry and flunked others.
By contrast, Mr. Uba’s falsified results claimed that he earned the following grades: English Literature 4, English Language 7, Christian Religious Knowledge 7, Economics 4, Statistics 6, Mathematics 6, Physics 4, and Chemistry 6.
In addition, Uba also claimed that he obtained bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from Concordia University, Canada, California State University, and Buxton University in the UK.
SR investigations disclosed that Mr. Uba indeed registered as an undergraduate student in both Concordia University and California State University, but that he dropped out of both institutions.
Further investigation also showed that Buxton University is not an accredited institution of learning, but a “certificate mill” that sells degrees to anybody willing to pay a small fee.
Even though Mr. Uba’s official website claimed that the senator attended Buxton University in the UK, the fake institution does not have any physical address in Britain. It once operated out of Portugal, using that country as a location from which to send “certificates” to customers around the world.
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