[DEEP SECRET] Meet artist Yung Ice & know his deepest secret, as Bestxplorer xplore & interviews him…


Welcome to another episode of DEEP SECRET where BESTXPLORER get to interview your favourite celebrity to xplore and exposes his/her deepest secret that you probably don’t know.  Your host today is FIDWON.

The previous artist we had was Godwon. Today we have an upcoming artist whose stage name is YUNG ICE from Kaduna South Nigeria, This bank of talent is basically doing well and has a lot of recommendation from fans and his colleagues in the industry. Let’s get to know more about him from the horses mouth. Meanwhile, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BABU SHEGE BY YUNG ICE Ft. D’PARAMOUNT

FIDWON: Please can you briefly tell us who Yung Ice Is?

YUNG ICE: Emmm my names are: Kenneth Timothy Bossan, young and cool guy who was raised from G.R.A to the street tryna make it real to the nation

FIDWON: Tell us about your best/greatest achievement:

YUNG ICE: Wow! First thanks to almighty jah. Educationally am a rapper with an N.C.E, and am still going to further. Musically am dope ma fans need me and not forgetting ma family (DPEMG Nation) they got me.

FIDWON: Tell us your most embarrassing moment of your life

YUNG ICE: Hahah u know Fidwon, man don’t leave without embarasment, and one of it to me was in 2012 after high school, I was invited to a show were ma fans keep in waiting for ma turn to be on stage. And unfortunately some kind of technical issues occured which turned out for me not performing in the show. But nevertheless tanks to ma fans (You are still keeping me real) Anatare

FIDWON: What is your favourite food?

YUNG ICE: Nadijunction! Man leaves with food men. Specifically I do like pounded yam with egusi soup. (its just the best, Mummy’s know it)

FIDWON: If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?

YUNG ICE: Your head the function. Thanks for the question, If my wish should be granted I would like to have a special dinner with all ma fans and supporters. I can’t do without them the are all I gat.


FIDWON: Who is your celebrity crush?

YUNG ICE: Heh, this guy! Sha, I like Nija female act the are all good, but talking about crush, I do chose Chidimma (miss Kedike)

FIDWON: What is your best Nigerian song?

YUNG ICE: Naija artist they try a lot. But ma best song for now is Patoranking- “Friends” while optionally is “Blessings” by BlackMagic ft Oritsefemi.

FIDWON: Who is your role model?

YUNG ICE: O yeah! when it comes to role model just leave me with ice prince and B.O.C Madaki (they inspire me)

FIDWON: One artiste you wanna collaborate with

YUNG ICE: If there is any artist I wanna collaborate with, that should be @Iruntown that dude is crazy but for now @BocMadaki is on the move.

FIDWON: What was your ambition as a kid?

YUNG ICE: Thanks for that one! When I was a kid I use to be like mummy I will be a banker, Daddy I will be a banker. But at 13 I discovered some musical redeem in my vain. At 17 I started recording but I still have banking concept cos I study Business Education.

FIDWON: How did you get signed to DPEMGNation?

YUNG ICE: Nadijunction! I was doing good as a one man gang up till  last year when I feature DPEMG boss (D’Paramount) on a track “Babushege” there he saw something in me, just of recent after the collaboration he put me on call and decided to sign me up. Thank God am doing better! (Shout out to ma family Dpemg Nation) AnaMuguntare

FIDWON: Your advice to upcoming artistes:

YUNG ICE: Well this goes to all upcoming artistes especially Krockcity and the North…
No bragging, No forming, Keep going, No stopping. Pursue your dreams and just make it real. Stick together we gonna meet at top. (Its your boy Yungice) Anatare

We hope you enjoyed this week program on DEEP SECRET. We shall bring another artist on same program again soon

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