Man Petrol Bombs His Ex Lover’s House At Night While She Was Inside. Read Details…

A 38-year-old Zimbabwean taxi driver is on the run after he allegedly petrol-bombed his ex-girlfriend’s house in the middle of the night on suspicion she was accommodating another man.

According to H Metro, Llyod Tranos of Dzivaresekwa Extension, Zimbabwe, is now on the police wanted list after he failed to appear at the Harare magistrates’ court answering to attempted murder and assault charges.

Magistrate Lucy Mungwaru has since issued a warrant of arrest.
Tranos is accused of attempting to kill Chipo Mburuma using the Molotov cocktail he prepared out of suspicion that she was seeing another man.
It is said that on October 23 last year at around 1am, Tranos visited his former lover in Dzivaresekwa 1 whilst in the company of another woman.
Upon his arrival at Chipo’s place of residence, Trainos knocked on the door and asked his former lover to accompany him to a nearby tuckshop.
Chipo reportedly refused arguing that it was too late. This did not go down well with Trainos who then threatened Chipo with unspecified action.
Trainos is said to have returned to Chipo’s place after an hour, this time armed with a Molotov cocktail.
The 38-year-old is said to have knocked at Chipo’s door before he went to the window, which he tried to forcibly open.
Upon realising that it was her former lover who was trying to force open the window, she then switched off the light.
The court heard that Trainos then bombed Chipo’s room resulting in her sustaining burns on her leg. Chipo then took the matter to the police.
On November 5 last year, Trainos went back to Chipo’s place demanding to know why she had lodged a complaint against him with the police.
Allegations are that Trainos attacked Chipo with fists and she was only rescued by passersby.
Trainos was arrested and taken to court where he also failed to attend his hearing.
Chipo Matambo represented the State.
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