Why Catholic Leader Says It Is Better To Be An Atheist Than To Be A Christian. Read details…


Pope Francis warned Catholics of being hypocrites; he said many lead a “double life”. The Catholic church leader claims the church is very cheap with the meager wage paid to workers.
Catholic leader, Pope Francis, criticized Catholics on Thursday, accusing them of leading a “double life.” He claims many self-proclaimed proud Catholics only pay their workers a meager wage.
He led the social justice speech in his daily morning Mass, at the Santa Mara, his Vatican residence. The Pope denounced that “to be a Catholic like that, it’s better to be an atheist.”
The pontiff read the day’s gospel, which was the warning St. Mark gives Jesus about anyone who “causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,” which also instructs to “cut off your hand, pluck (your eye) out, but do not ‘scandalize the little ones,’ ” referring to those “just ones” who believe in God.
Francis denounced many Catholics go to Mass and participate in different church associations, but on the other hand launder money or are cheap with their salary payments.
He even mentioned the specific case of a failing company, where workers were not receiving their paychecks. “The head of the company, a Catholic, was taking his winter vacation on a beach in the Middle East, and the people knew it, even if it hadn’t made the papers. These are scandals,” he reiterated.
He cautioned as well against “excessive confidence” that God will forgive every sin or tacky deed in life. He ended his sermon by advising to “take advantage of the word of the Lord and remember that on this the Lord is very severe. Scandal destroys.”
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