[UPDATE] IG Yusuf’s Sex Saga With his Female Student, He May Not Actually Be At Fault. Read Why…

The scandal between Grace, a female student of IBB university and a lecturer IG Yusuf is not ‘straight’ and more details are coming in.
It looks like the said Grace lady is an olodo who wanted to pass at all cost, and she saw IG Yusuf as a stumbling block.
She and her boyfriend allegedly kidnapped the lecturer on the road around 10pm and took him to her house. That explains why no other person in the neighbourhood was involved in “disgracing” the lecturer, it was just a coded operation between Grace and her guy.
A source said IG Yusuf (real names Dr. Abayya) is not even a lectuer of IBB university, he just came on sabbatical from ABU Zaria, so it’s not possible for him to have been failing Grace for 4 years, as claimed by her and her boyfriend.
Here are some questions asked by another source:
1. From the picture that was releases, the lecturer doesn’t look like he was beaten, trust me Nigerians would have beaten him black and blue students for that matter, if the allegations against him were true.
2. Why let him go if he really did it? Handing him over to the police would have been the best way to “teach him a lesson”.
3. How come people in the hood where not involved, it’s only the so called boyfriend and the girl that was involved in the whole incident.
4. When I saw the picture the first day the first thing that came to my mind is why is the lecturer not looking ashamed or guilty, he doesn’t look sober, all I saw was a man that was just looking straight at the camera.
– I guess with proper investigation we’ll know the whole truth.
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