Southern Kaduna Youths & securities personnel are involved in drinking, taken drugs & pursuing women. || Musa Abudullahi Garko. Read more…

Mr. Musa Abdullahi Garko is a peace loving citizen and a political activist who on a chat with BESTXPLORER has spoken bitterly on the issue of southern Kaduna youths and the securities men involving in consuming hard drugs and taken large amount of intoxicated drinks. He said “Youths are taken drugs too much and even the securities are also in the system”
He further said that, the securities personnel that are been deployed to southern Kaduna which their primary assignment is to ensure the stabilization of peace and coexistence of peace among the communities are now leaving their primary aims/duties to also partake or involve their selfs into the act of taken drugs and drinking beers which could deprived them from executing the primary assignments. However, he said as if that was not enough, the security men are now carrying communities women running up and down with them and tend to forget what has brought them. 
Mr. Musa Abdullahi has thereby call on youths and the security men to abstain there selves from such acts and activities. He also urged the Government to take a serious actions to tackle the above mentioned problems before the acts will spread out to others communities, he called on the government also, to set up a monitoring unit that could be send for the supervision of the deployed securities, time to time. 
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