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Kaduna  State University currently has two campuses, the main campus which is located at Kaduna central and the Kafanchan campus which is located at Kaduna south, all these campuses operates on the same calendar and curricular activities but now its not longer as it used to be, my emphasis is based on Kafanchan campus. Kafanchan campus was initially proposed to have five faculties, but currently only two faculties are functioning which are faculty of Environmental Science which has only four departments, which are Estate management, Quantity Surveying, Environmental management and Architecture, also faculty of Agriculture. The University  has resumed its second
semester break on 3rd of January 2017  whereby the main campus are currently in session while the
Kafanchan campus is yet to begin session, though initially we were told that the school will be on a temporal closure  due to the unforeseen crisis that occurred in Kafanchan, right now peace and normalcy has returned to Kafanchan all activities  are moving as normal, but unfortunately up to this day the university is closed all students of the university are kept on suspense with all anticipation to hear a call for resumption by the Kaduna state  government but  to no avail.

Now the question is why??
Well let me talk about the real fact..
We don’t just need the truth but rather we need the fact and its obvious the government haven’t told us the truth neither to back it up with a fact so now where does the fact stand where does the truth lies? Southern Kaduna had been set up on a severe prejudice  and  It has come to a point whereby a subtle conspiracy was organized with the aim to move kafanchan campus from southern Kaduna to a different region and this is as a result of some selfish interest of the government.

The presence of the university in kanfanchan has brought about a tremendous increase in development  such as the development of roads, markets, banks, businesses, schools and many more and kafanchan is as well known as the heart of Southern Kaduna so moving the university from that region in the name of insecurity will not just be a disastrous setback to Kafanchan bt the entire southern Kaduna. The governor is using insecurity as an excuse, but such type of excuse is parochial because I didn’t see any reason for that, he is actually the governor, so he is to provide every measure to secure us, so when things are going wrong  we are to complain of insecurity not him whereas Kafanchan is currently peaceful every activities are  going on as normal, all other schools are on session  but  why  is the university is yet to open?

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Its apparent similar cases and likewise  worst than this had occurred within the Northern part of Nigeria and has led to lost of many souls, but no any institution was closed  neither relocated to a different region, so why is the case of Kafanchan campus different? They government are trying to show marginalization in which they kicked against then ethically wise I ask where is the fairness in the government?  Where is the equality, where is the love in which they promised us or should I call it hate in disguise? I just developed a serious apathy for the government because far back Information was taking away from us, economy was taking away from us, security was taking away from us, and now you want to take away education from us, but no we stand against that, though we acknowledge the fact that the academic activities had been retarded but nevertheless it cant go beyond that. over the past we have been silent and it was taking for granted but right now we cant just take it anymore.

I will never forget when they came out following our streets pleading and seeking  for our votes and we voted them to govern us well, to lead us well, but unfortunately they are creating hell, so now to my people where do we stand heaven or hell?.   So please I urge all the entire people of Southern Kaduna and the global World entirely  lets show solidarity on this issue, its obvious our future is at stake  lets save our future from any jeopardy  or manace that will come after, our fore fathers had made some mistakes  in the past due to ignorance which some people say is a bliss and today its no more a bliss but a doom.

As a student of the Kaduna State University Kafanchan campus, I am hereby calling on the Kaduna State Government to open Kafanchan campus any moment from now.

By: Reuben Maikarfi also known as “Benny Miles”
Twitter: @iambennymiles


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