Jubilation as APC passes vote of confidence on Osinbajo while begging sick Buhari to remain in London. Read more…

The Publisher of Ovation International and a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Dele Momodu, has said that Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, is effecting positive and noticeable changes in Nigeria, a feat his Boss, Muhammadu Buhari, failed to achieve while in the country.
Recall, that Buhari handed over to Osinbajo on January 19, before proceeding to the United Kingdom, UK, on a medical vacation.
In Momodu’s latest article published on Saturday, titled: β€œBefore President Buhari Returns Home,” Momodu praised the work done so far by Osinbajo, and asked Buhari to continue when he is back.
On Sick Buhari, he said: β€œEvery disappointment they say is a blessing. While we are very sad that our President, Muhammadu Buhari, has not been feeling too well for some time now and needs treatment and recuperation abroad, I now believe that God wants him to also have some time for sober and deep reflection”.
He recalled, that the Acting President has been to several States in the Niger Delta, and this week, stopped by the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, on an impromptu visit. The Naira has also appreciated greatly against the US dollar, he noted.
β€œThe good news, is that the Acting President has started doing some of the things we expected and advised President Buhari to do. I do not want to over-excite anyone yet, but this is smelling good, like the Americans would put it. We must enter special prayers and intercede with serious fasting, so that President Buhari can continue along this path of progress when he returns to office, hopefully very shortly, by the grace of God
β€œI had suggested in my memos to him, that what he was looking for in Sokoto (the city), is actually in his sokoto (pocket). He has got a powerful joker in the pack, and that is his Vice President. Professor Osinbajo is not your typical politician. He is a Technocrat with the diligence, astuteness, and thoroughness of the smart Lawyer that he is. He has a passion for Nigeria and its great development, that is uncanny and worthy of emulation,” he wrote.
Momodu added: β€œProfessor Osinbajo is re-navigating the country in the right direction, and should be encouraged to do more by President Buhari. If a man discovers a snake and a woman kills it, it doesn’t matter who did what. The glory ultimately goes to President Buhari for having the wisdom of entrusting Nigeria to such a loyal and dependable Ally. Baba should ignore the demons of power who may wish to drive a wedge between them. Any parent or sibling would be proud of a child making the family great. This is what Osinbajo is doing, and he should be commended and applauded for it.”
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