Buhari is not Nigerians President neither is Osinbajo. || Senator. Ben Bruce. Read more…

The Senator representing Bayelsa East, Ben Murray-Bruce, has stated that a cabal has hijacked the government from President Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice, Prof Yemi Osinbajo.
According to him, Buhari and Osinbajo are not the leaders of Nigeria as people may see, noting that some persons were actually ruling the country behind them.
Bruce said unless the cabal was flushed out, Nigeria would continue to retrogress while the economy would equally sink.
Speaking with Vanguard, the Silverbird boss described Osinbajo as a good man, who according to him was not responsible for the nation’s problem.
He said, “The answer is simply because the government is not being led by Buhari and is not being led by Osinbajo. They have people leading the government from behind. The vice president that I know is a good man and is quite a wonderful human being.
“Osinbajo is not the problem. There are people pushing this government for their own personal and selfish interests. Things are not working well because the people have not applied the proper measures and policies to propel the country out of recession.”
=On what to do to end the ongoing economic recession, Bruce said, “What they are doing cannot end the recession. A budget during recession must be different from the one that should be operated when an economy is doing well.
“This government cannot run the same type of economic policies that the Jonathan administration used because the times are not the same. This government needs the smartest people to run this economy. But the argument is that this government inherited the economic problems from the previous one and is, therefore, a child of circumstance.
“No, that will not suffice anymore because if you recall, in 1999 when Obasanjo and Atiku took over the reins of power, they quietly recovered over $4 billion from those who had stolen money and put it in the system, and nobody heard about it.
“I want you to know that the current recession is caused by a cabal working for their selfish interest and a gamut of poor economic policies and they are going to get worse because the brains that should run the economy are not there.
“That is why Osinbajo must take charge of this economy because I want this government to succeed so that we can have something to take over in 2019. It is certain Nigerians will reject APC in 2019 and PDP is surely going to take over. We will beat APC any day, and they must leave.”
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