Abubakar Shekau the book haram leader killed


Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has reportedly executed the spokesman for the sect, Tasiu, who is also known as Abu Zinnira.

Shekau accused Tasiu and another senior commander, Baba Ammar, of plotting to oust him from the Boko Haram leadership.

He claimed the duo had been sending fighters out on illegal raids, spreading rumours among his lieutenants that he intended to kill them and portraying him as unfit to lead.

Daily Mail quoted Shekau as telling an inner circle of his group that “I killed Tasiu.”

“You should hear me: I killed Tasiu, hear me well,” he told a gathering in an audio recording.

The meeting had been called over the mood and comments among followers after Tasiu’s elimination.

Shekau in the recording of the meeting blasted “those grumbling over the killing of Tasiu.”

Tasiu and “other elements,” he claimed had tried to portray him to the rank and file as “not on the right track.”

“Tell me, what is the punishment for people that plot against their leader?”

“By our code of allegiance we don’t hesitate to pass appropriate sanction on any one of us that commits an offence


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