Revealed! List Of Top 8 Songs Buhari Listens To

They say music is soul food and songs have a way to aid the human mind function in ways beyond the ordinary. The situation in which Nigeria has found herself now, calls for minds that are functioning is and was of daily existence.
President Muhammadu Buhari is plagued with so much responsibilities and if music does not feed his soul, then he would be crushed by the weight of the nation which sits on his shoulders.
Having established the relevance of music and songs to human existence, below are 6 songs that are most likely to be on Buhari’s playlist regarding the times in which we live in.
1. On the MMM Wahala (J Martins – Cool Temper)
At a time when many participants of the ponzi scheme – MMM are in tears, there is no better song than J Martins’ – cool temper, to cool the pressure.
2. A prayer against recession (Jaywon – This year)
The Buhari-led administration has said that there will be a turn around in the economy this year, we cannot but pray alongside the president, using Jaywon’s – This year as a medium.
3. On the Biafra issue (Onyeka Onwenu – One love)
Without one love, Nigeria will implode, the president is fighting tooth and nail, to ensure that united this nation shall stand, what better song than “One Love” by Onyeka Onwenu, would buoy his spirit up.
4. On making Nigeria the true giant of Africa again (Timi Dakolo – Great Nation)
We are all that we have, hence we must believe in ourselves, this is a big message which the president would love to push, and there is no better song to inspire him, than Timi Dakolo’s “Great Nation”.
5. On the promise of change (Sunny Okosun’s – Wind of change)
It is only time that will prove this government right or wrong, Nigerians are waiting for the wind of change, and no better song to keep reminding the president, than late Sunny Okosun’s -Wind of change.
6. On the hurry for change and “Baba go-slow” tag (Majek Fashek – Little Ptience)
Nigerians seem in a hurry to see the fulfillment of the change that has been promised, no better song teach Nigeria patience, than Majek Fashek’s – Little Patience.
7. On his travels and vacation (Darey – Pray for me)
Too many things already said about his journeys abroad, however, international politics demands that President Buhari makes some of these trips. He would however be hoping that the nation is praying that he succeeds, because it would be for the good of the country.
No better song than Darey’s “Pray for me” will do.
8. On his health and death claims ( Timi Dakolo – Wish me well)
It is sad that some have continued in the act of peddling false news regarding President Buhari’s death, as the nation’s leader, the followers have so many duties, but one very important duty would be to wish the president well. This is where Timi Dakolo’s “Wish me well” comes in.
It is important to note that these songs have not necessarily been drawn from President Buhari’s direct playlist, they were selected for the messages they bear and how they relate not just to the president, but also to the Nigerian people as a whole.
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