[DEEP SECRETS] “Maybe I am a vampire” – Terry tha Rapman confesses to BESTXPLORER. Click to learn more…


DEEP SECRETS: “Maybe I am a vampire” – Terry thaRapman confesses to King Sniffy.
Iconic rapper, Terry tha Rapman has confessed to being avampire. He made this known to King Sniffy onbestxplorer.com program, DEEP SECRETS..According to him, he believes that vampires exist, and thereason why he doesn’t grow old is probably because he isone..King Sniffy has exposed Terry tha Rapman’s deepestsecrets such as his most embarrassing moment, bestachievement, celebrity crush, the artiste he is dreaming towork with and many more. Wanna find out more? Just logon to www.bestXplorer.com on Saturday for the full gist.


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